Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home Management Binder

At times my house can be quite the zoo! There is always somewhere to go or something to do. It is never ending!

Then bills...when are they due? Where are they at?

Cleaning? Oh my much to much to do...

What is their phone number? Do you know the address?

Any of that sound familiar to you??? Bells are going off in my head. We were VERY disorganized. I thought about it and did research to see what worked for others. I soon found out that at some point ladies everywhere were creating Home Management Binders. I thought...hmmm that could definitely work for me!! Let's give it a try!!!

The binder is easy to create and you can make it as small or big as you want/need.

Here's what I did:

I had a simple black binder at the house so I grabbed that!

Then I added a zipper pouch that includes some bank deposit slips, a few pens, start stickers for the kid's charts and a calculator.
Then I found a 3 hole punch for binders and added that to make it easier to add papers to my binder.
Now the fun part...actually filling it up! I have changed this up alot of the time I've been using it. You will find sometimes things work and then they don't. If it is something that doesn't work you won't use it so MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!

1. Cover page telling what the binder is
     -Behind there is my phone number and address book

2. Family Information Sheet
     -This is just a page I typed up to include our mailing and physical address, our home and cell phone numbers, our dates of birth, social security numbers, and driver's license numbers. Below that is a list of family emergency numbers and the kid's school address and phone number.
     -After that is the kid's behavior chart. I found a template in Microsoft Word and tailored it to our needs. We have 4 weeks on each page so it saves paper!
    -Using the same template as above I created Chore Charts for each of the kids.
    -Then I made up another page to include everyone else's birthdays that we need to know...other family and friends.

3. Routines and Schedules
     -First I have my daily schedule. Now I don't stick to this exactly but it gives me somewhat of a guideline to follow to make sure that I get everything done that needs to be!
     -Then I have my morning, evening, and before bed routine. This is just some different things that need to be done daily.
     -Next is my daily to-do list. I have places for things to do, places to call/go, what needs cleaning that day, and my zone mission for the day from
The Flylady . I have a separate page for each day of the week.
     -Behind that is a 2 month calendar I printed to add appointments which would also be added to my daily to-do if it falls in that week.

4. Finance Information
     -I have the cover sheet in a clear protective cover and inside that is where I put all the bills as soon as they come in the mail. That way I always know where they are!
     -Account Info sheet - here I list each account, the account number, website if any and login information, and the phone number to each place.
     -Bill Payment Summary by Check - pretty self explanatory
     -Bill Payment Summary - I write EVERY bill that we have, it's due date, amount due, date paid, check #(if any), and the online payment confirmation code.
     -Printed Check Register - I will log in to our bank account online and write down everything as it shows up on there then cross check it will our checkbook register to make sure that everything is written down.

5. Meal Planning
     -Freezer Inventory sheet
     -Pantry Inventory sheet
     -Calendar where I plan out every day's meal from breakfast to lunch.
     -Grocery list for the week
     -Any recipes I need for the current meal plan

6. Cleaning
     -Weekly Checklist
     -Detailed Checklist for each room of the house; daily, weekly, monthly.
     -Detailed Cleaning List for each Zone (Check out
The Flylady to see what that means)
7. Holiday Planning
     -I have page printed for each child and this is where I will list the presents that we buy them for Christmas.
     -Then is a master list for other presents to buy or make.
     -Christmas Card List - who we plan to send them to with their addresses.

8. Inspiration and Notes
     -A Wife's 10 Commandments
     -A list of books I want to read
     -Craft ideas (soon will be in it's own category)
     -Things I want to buy for the house split up by room
     -Website that I want to look at

Soon I will be adding a section for Bible verses and daily devotions...but I might also make a separate binder for this.

I also want to add a section for the crafts I want to make and instructions and also for the ones I have already made in case I want to make them again for someone else.

If you are wanting to make your own household management binder it is super easy and makes a big difference in your life if you use it. If you would like any of the forms that I use you can email me and I will be glad to send them to you. Hope this helps you!!


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