Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday To-Do (Organizing)

In preparation of MY birthday tomorrow I've got a long list of to-do's to get done today so that tomorrow I can rest! Wait...did I just say rest?? Impossible!! I have 4 kids, a husband, and a house to take care of! Well maybe I can just have a few things to do tomorrow!

Making room for the baby on the way means a lot of organizing and planning so that everything fits together just right. Our house is on the small side so to have 7 of us living in here comfortably takes the work of a genius...yes...I am doing it all (well most of it).

We are also preparing for the holidays and that means getting rid of clutter too! Yay!! I'm not quite sure how we manage to even have clutter when there is barely enough room for us in here.

I've found some ways to help with organizing and thought I would share them with you along with what I will be doing today!!

Simple Steps to Organizing
1 Set a goal – know what you want to get accomplished.
2. Write out a master to-do list for each room.
-Divide that up into a daily list – only complete 4-6 items on your list a day so that you don’t get burnt out. You didn’t get everything in one day and you can’t get rid of it that fast either!!
3. Find 15 in the current room you are working in
5 things to give away
5 things to throw away
5 things to put away
-a little at a time goes a long ways!!
4. Work in 1 corner at a time. Do not pull out more than you can put up in 20 minutes.
5. Take a deep breath. Turn on your favorite music and get moving! Do NOT turn on the TV or you will get sidetracked!!
6. Know your limits- when you are tired…you are tired…clean up the mess you have and take a break. You can come back to where you are later or even tomorrow!

7. Keep track of everything you are getting accomplished! Don’t look at what you haven’t! It’s more motivating to see what you already have done!!

Here is my to do list for today: (I will cross things out as they are done!)
Clear Little Girl's room to be ready for furniture tonight
Vacuum living room, hall, bedrooms
Finish laundry
Clean bathrooms

The list doesn't seem long but there is plenty there to keep me busy! Most will have to be done before the boys get home from school or else it won't get done today! know how it goes...

I just might go out into our storage building and start finding our Christmas decorations too! I know it's still a little early but I just can't wait much longer...I'm so impatient!!!

Anyways hope you get your to-do lists done today too! Good luck with it!



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