Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - November 22

I actually do our meal planning for 2 weeks at a time because that's how often I do the grocery shopping. I give myself some options on what I want to make! Of course it seems that every week I never end up going by the meal plan! My MIL has been off of work due to a car accident so she has cooked quite a few nights and either brought us some of the food or we went to their house and ate. So some of what was on my plan last week is back again!

Monday - Vegetable Beef Soup
Tuesday - Beef and Rice Casserole
Wednesday - BBQ Cups and french fries
Thursday - Thanksgiving at different houses!!!
Friday - Baked Potato Soup
Saturday - Chicken and dumplings
Sunday - Chicken Fried Rice

I'm sure there will probably be some leftovers from Thanksgiving that we come home with so once again we most likely won't be sticking to the meal plan! If you look at last week's meal plan you will find a recipe or 2 for this week's plan!

I'm trying to help my niece work on her social studies fair project that is due next week so time to get back to that!! I definitely do not miss being in school and I'm glad that our kids have a few more years before we have to get into all this stuff!!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!


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Ask Ms Recipe said...

Vegetable Beef Soup, sure sounds good have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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