Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Goals

Another year is coming to a close so it’s a great time to evaluate yourself and see what can/should be changed. This has been a somewhat tough year for me and my family. It’s been pretty stressful at times. 2011 will hopefully (definitely) be a better year for us!!
Before this year I have always come up with “resolutions”  but never stuck with them past the first few weeks. This time I’m thinking that I will set “goals” instead; it sounds like more fun! I’ve come up with a few for myself and some for my family. Each week I plan to update on them so that I know I’m working on it!! My blog will be my accountability partner!! I won’t want to share it with the world if I’m failing so it will keep me on track a lot better!!!
So here they are:  ***2011 Goals***
~Read through the Bible in 90 days (7/90)
~Continue with a new Bible Study daily after that (0/275)
~Exercise daily (0/365)
~After baby weight loss (0/60 lbs.)
~Read 25 books (1/25)
~Stop drinking cokes and sweet tea...only drink water!

~Weekly movie night (in home) (2/52)
~Weekly game night (2/52)
~Monthly outings (0/12)

~Getting the whole house completely organized and keeping it that way
~Setting up and maintaining a better cleaning schedule
~Redecorate entire house without spending a lot of money

~Set up a budget and stick to it
~Pay off all debt (except truck and house)
~Save at least $300 a month
~Go 31 consecutive days with no eating out

Hopefully after the baby is born I can generate some sort of income so that we can save even more money! We want to buy a bigger house within the next 2 years and would like a big down payment to keep our notes as low as possible. We also would like to buy another vehicle and pay cash for it so we don’t have a note for it.

Well there you go! Those are my goals for the New Year!! I might add to this if I think of more but those are what I’m working on for now!!  I will explain more of these in detail soon!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!



penguinsandladybugs said...

Those are some GREAT goals!!

Allison said...

Sounds like a great plan. I am a new GFC follower cause us Mom's of 5 gotta stick together. LOL

Wana said...

Great goals.

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