Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a busy day for me...and Spaghetti Pie Recipe

I'm pretty sure that Drew and I deserve the Aunt and Uncle of the Year Award! Well really just Drew because he did the most work! My niece came to stay with us for a few days and last night we went out to eat. Well we get home and she starts saying she doesn't feel very good. I give her some medicine and put her in my bed to watch tv...not 20 minutes later I hear **PUKING**! I swear I can hear it a mile away! I'm just not good with makes ME sick. So Drew cleaned most of it up and I scrubbed the carpet. I'm so glad I have a wonderful husband!

So today I have been washing all of our bedding and disinfecting the house just incase it is the stomach bug! I also finally got our cleaned and organized! This weekend we will be able to put up the baby bed! I'm so excited! Only 9 weeks to go!! It is going to be here before I even know it!!! It's getting somewhat stressful though because literally we have only bought about 4 outfits...and that's it! We are also going to be doing some baby shopping this weekend!!

I'm busy trying to get my menu plan, grocery list, and January freezer cooking list all together! Tonight we are going to have Spaghetti Pie! It looks wonderful to me but I LOVE spaghetti and could eat it all the time!

I got the recipe from The Happy Housewife. Be sure to check out all the other great stuff she has also!

Hope everyone has a great day!!


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