Sunday, December 26, 2010

Declutter Challenge Update #1

I began this challenge thinking whole heartedly that it would be a piece of cake for me. Well honestly…it is pretty easy! I’m not the kind of person that gets too attached to “things”. There really isn’t a lot of space to have extra stuff just lying around. Let me say this though, my mother is somewhat of a hoarder (strike) keeper of everything. I guess she got it from my grandmother…now that woman had a lot of STUFF!! She would buy things “just because” with no intentions of doing anything with it…just because she wanted to. Thank goodness I didn’t take after her on that part…I doubt Drew or our budget would like that very much.
So anyways on to my update….
I began in my bedroom with the intention that I was going to get rid of anything and everything that I didn’t absolutely need. Once I got started though somewhere in my mind shut down and I lost all track of what I was doing and ended up moving furniture around. Brilliant idea being 29 weeks pregnant…and home alone. Before I could really think it through though I had it moved the way I wanted. So instead of cleaning the bedroom and clearing things out I just made an even bigger mess…and now it intimidates me. Every time I walked into my room I just wanted to turn around, shut the door, and walk away. Really…it was THAT bad…
That is quite embarrassing because nothing in my house usually looks like that. I swear I spend all day every day cleaning something. After that mess though I’m afraid of my own room!!!! I wouldn’t even make my bed. I know, I know…I should have just finished the room Tuesday but well…I went shopping instead. Wednesday? I cleaned the rest of the house…but I did get rid of some stuff…more on that in a minute!! So did it get finished? Yes, yes it did!
We really have such a small place but it’s what is home to us until we buy something bigger in the future.
Now in the boy’s room I did get half a trash bag (a BIG bag) of clothes out that they don’t wear. I went through their toy box and cleaned it out. I threw away 2 plastic grocery bags full of trash and little toy pieces that I had no clue what they went to. I also cleared out a plastic bin of junk too! Go me!!
That’s what I did this week. Hopefully next week I can get more accomplished…but the kids will be home from school so who knows.
I also think I am going to change the challenge a little bit to also include organizing….Once I get through the clutter I need to better organize everything we still have…if I’ve kept anything….


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