Monday, December 27, 2010

Bible in 90 Days

I recently came across Mom’s Toolbox through other blogs I visit and I was pretty intrigued about some of the things I read there. You should definitely check out her site!!
One of the posts I read about was reading the Bible in 90 days. As bad as I don’t want to admit this I must…I’ve never completely read through the Bible. I’m disappointed with myself as a Christian that I haven’t done this but soon that will change. I signed up on her site to join the challenge. So beginning next Monday January 3, 2011 I will begin! Through prayer I can do this and I’m very excited about it!!
Every Monday through the 90 days Mom’s Toolbox will post weekly updates, the week’s reading assignment and daily devotional links. There you will also be able to report on your progress, pray for others and be inspired by past Bible in 90 Days grads. You have to check in weekly to remain a part of the group. Having each other’s support and accountability will make it work that much better!
I am going to write about my experience right here as well so be sure to check back each week on Monday night. If you would like more information or to sign up to join the group go here. Or if you would prefer to just do this with me send me an email and we can still support each other and give each other the accountability that we need to succeed!
Go to Mom's Toolbox to check everything out and sign up here.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!! I've been doing my kitchen deep cleaning but decided it was time for a break!!


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