Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monday Cleaning

Usually on the weekends I try to keep cleaning to a bare minimum. I do so much of during the week that by the time Friday afternoon rolls around I'm ready for a nice break! Of course with 4 kids and husband my job is NEVER done.

One of the goals that I will be working on this coming year is establishing a better cleaning routine and keeping it. Like I said, I clean every day but there really isn't any order to the way it gets done. Sometimes I will deep clean the kitchen twice and forget to wash sheets...that could also be pregnancy brain but who knows. Anyways I have come up with a plan and I hope that it will work out for me. I suppose if I keep my head in the game and stay focused anything could be possible!

So from now on Monday's will be my Kitchen Cleaning Day.
     *Sweep and mop floor
     *Disinfect countertops
     *Wash rugs
     *Clean out refrigerator; wipe everything down
     *Clean stove and microwave
     *Make sure inside of cabinets are in an orderly shape

Also since my pantry/laundry room opens up through my kitchen I will clean in there.
    *Sweep and mop floor
    *Make sure pantry shelves are organized
    *Wipe down washer and dryer

I will also be checking all of my cleaning supplies to see if I need to buy any this week.

Of course I will still be doing my daily cleaning to make sure the house is always in neat shape.
     *Wiping down bathrooms and changing hand towels
     *Picking up stray items and returning them to where they belong

This seems like alot to do in one day but really it isn't. Usually I can have all of this done before late morning. The kids will still be home this week from school so it might take me a little longer than normal! ****OK today this is kicking my's definitely harder to get all of it done with the kids home...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday morning!!



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