Monday, January 10, 2011

Book 1 of 25 - Don't Be a Slave to Housework

Book 1 of 25
Don’t Be A Slave To Housework
By: Pam McClellan

I read this book in 5 days! It was actually a very helpful book and I kept wanting to read to find out more ideas. A lot of what is written is pure common sense but Pam McClellan offers some great advice as well. In my opinion if you are feeling like a slave to your housework then you should definitely read this book!
When I read I always have a notebook nearby to keep notes instead of marking up the pages. Plus, I borrowed this book from the library so I couldn’t do that anyways.
This book gives good pointers on creating a cleaning schedule, ways of preventing more work for yourself, and quick ways of making the housework easier to name a few.
I tend to clean every day. I feel like that’s all that I ever do. I never have time for myself, my husband, or my family. By taking some of the advice she has written I believe that I can turn this around. Since I stay at home while Drew works I feel like I should be the one taking care of everything. The kids have to be told 52 billion times to pick up their messes so we must implement a better routine for chores. In the book it talks about enlisting the help of others in your household to help you get things done. While I feel like as a mom/wife this is my job I don’t think it would hurt if Drew or the kids did a little more to help out.
Overall I feel like this is a helpful book and would recommend it to anyone needing help freeing themselves from their household slavery!


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