Sunday, January 2, 2011

Want to know what I just found???

N-E-W stretchmarks!!!!!!!

I knew it would happen...but I thought maybe...just maybe...since I hadn't gained that much weight they wouldn't be as noticeable....

I was wrong....

They are there! With my first child seeing stretch marks made it seem like I would never be my old self again. There were tons of them...I did gain 80 lbs though.

No one told me to watch my weight to an extent while I was pregnant then. And let me tell you something...I didn't! I ate anything and everything in sight for 7 straight months. I would wake up in the middle of the night and cook a box of macaroni and cheese...and eat the ENTIRE box.

I never lost all of the baby weight either. I was actually only 10 lbs away from that goal during 2009's summer. Then I got married...became a stay at home mom to not only 1 child but 3 more! You would think chasing after 4 kids would make you lose a little weight...yea it didn't! So since then I had gained about oh...25 lbs...before I got pregnant. I was just at the point of getting into new eating and exercising habits when Drew and I decided we wanted a baby together...well no point in trying to lose that weight for awhile.

We found out I was pregnant shortly before the 5th week. For the next 7 weeks I couldn't eat anything and could only drink water. I stayed incredibly tired and worn out. I didn't remember the last pregnancy being like that. Well for my first 3 OB appointments over 3 months I lost weight...and kept losing it. Oh but finally the appetite came back and I could drink coke the weight has come back. I've actually gained about 15 lbs and I have 9 weeks to go. I'm hoping that these last 2 months don't mean an extreme weight gain for me. I'm trying to eat the healthy foods...less junk food...and I'm back to drinking only water.

But...I still have stretch marks...I am ok with that means I have a precious child living and growing inside of me and for that I couldn't be happier. These stretch marks remind me that I am a MOMMY and I should be VERY proud of them! In just a few shorts weeks we will welcome Jaxon Hugh into our family and I can NOT wait! I'm so excited!!

Anyways...just thought I would share that little bit of info with you!

That is Jaxon at 19 weeks. I'm so ready for another ultrasound to see him again!


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