Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Freezer Cooking

The baby will be here in right about 2 months and I had planned to have about 20 meals in the freezer when he arrived. What’s my progress?? Ugh…Z-E-R-0…I know right…I have a lot to get accomplished! So my plan is to make 10 meals in both January and February giving me my goal. I hope it works!! Say a prayer for me please because this is going to get hectic!
I’m actually only making 6 different meals that will hopefully turn into 10 meals when I’m done!
I plan to make more waffles to freeze but that is not a huge priority for this cooking day because I can make these really anytime. Plus the kids would probably rather have some kind of cereal anyways.
I’m also going to be making some kinds of snacks to either freeze or just be able to store so that we don’t have to buy a ton of prepackaged snack foods.
So here we go…are you ready??
1.       Breakfast Burritos – I’m going to make about 24 of these which will make 2 meals plus some to actually have for breakfast or snacking!!
2.       Cheeseburger and Fries Casserole – 2 meals
3.       Chicken Quesadillas – 1 meal
4.       Mexican Stuffed Shells – 2 meals
5.       Taco Casserole – 1 meal
6.       Ham and Potato Casserole – 2 meals

Salsa – haven’t ever attempted this so I’m only going to make a little bit. If it turns out good more will come.
Tortilla Chips – Homemade tortillas cut into wedges and fried
Bean Dip - this is pretty good!
Oatmeal Packets

For more ideas on Freezer cooking and helpful tips on beginning check out Life As Mom


Anonymous said...

I tried doing this a few years back and wasn't successful, but I don't think I really put enough effort into it. You've inspired me to think a bit least in the breakfast department.

The Domesticated Housewife said...

When I started doing it I just did breakfast foods. I would make a couple of batches of muffins and freeze them or extra waffles when we were already eating them. It still takes effort to do it but I've found that if you write your plans out and know exactly what all you need it gets easier! Good luck!

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