Friday, January 7, 2011

Serenity Saturday: Time to Dream

Kelly from The Morris Tribe wrote about taking time to dream. Some people would say that dreams aren't a good thing for you to have. I disagree with that as well.

Dreams are fun! Dreams take you to places that you normally could not go with people that possibly could never be there with you.

Dreams let your imagination run wild. They let you create something that you want and give you the satisfaction at the moment of what it would feel like if that dream were to come true.

I have dreams day and night. I think that they are different kinds of dreams though.

During the day I might dream about having a huge farm with lots of animals, fields of planted crops, and a big white house with a wrap-a-round porch. I dream of visiting Italy and other places as well. I have dreams of winning an enormous amount of money and all the people I could help and things I could buy for my family. I know that these dreams will probably never happen but it's fun to imagine them as if it could.

My night time dreams are crazy! It could possibly be the pregnancy hormones but who knows. Alot of times I dream about my grandparents who have passed and what I would tell them if I could see them one more time. Sometimes they are in my dreams just as if they were never gone. It's a comforting thought to have them so near even though I know they really won't be there when I wake up.

Dreams can also give you the push you need to possibly get further than you ever have before. Dreams are a good thing. Keep dreaming and don't let anyone tell you differently!


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